1st Open Call

Open call 1

The first European Island Facility NESOI call is now OPEN!

How to apply? 

Download the NESOI "Guide For Applicants - Updated*" which includes useful information for building a successful application! 

For the online submission of your proposal, please register as "Project Manager" to the NESOI Platform for applicants here: nesoi.eu/nef-platform

*updated sections with new information include: 4.1, 4.3, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.15, 5.2, 5.3, 6.4, 8.1 and 8.2.

Which type of technical support is provided? 

NESOI provides a twofold support for beneficiaries, both in form of direct funding and advisory services. In particular:

  • Financial Support | provided as direct funding to the beneficiary up to EUR 60,000 grant. These resources will serve the beneficiary to procure external advisors on site. External advisors will work in close cooperation and under the coordination of the advisors provided by the NESOI Consortium (Technical Support). External advisors must be selected to provide the beneficiary with technical assistance activities, such as: feasibility studies, support in tendering procedures, due diligence, financial modelling, etc.
  • Technical Support | provided by NESOI Consortium. NESOI members will provide the beneficiaries with on-going support, including: support to project management, assistance in the tendering process to procure local advisors, review of deliverable and quality assessment, selected Technical Assistance activities in close cooperation with locally-selected, support in impact analysis. 

For each level of project maturity NESOI will provide the applicants with a portfolio of predetermined Technical Assistance Menus (also Menu) to choose from. See guidelines for applicants to obtain further information

When should be submitted the application form? 

The opening of the first call for proposals is 12th October 2020. All parts of the Application Form shall be submitted electronically through the NESOI platform before Friday Wednesday, 18th December 2020, 17:00.00 Brussels time.


Download the Application Form template 

Download the Letter of Support template

Have a question?

Please check our FAQ page and for anything not covered there you can contact our Helpdesk**  

**for guidance on how to register for and use the helpdesk please refer to the "Guide For Applicants"





1st Open Call | NESOI


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