Are you an institution?

Are you an institution with a project in mind and do you need support? The NESOI Platform is what's right for you!

The NESOI platform is the place where you can promote and share your project, seek advice, look for partners, find financial and technical solutions that can help implement your ideas.

The platform wants to be a tool for technical and financial assistance. Its main aim is to transform lessons learned, policies, and plans into effective investment concepts thanks to technical assistance support and to the increase of skills and expertise of end-users.

Register to the platform, upload your project and see how other registrants can help you implement it. The smart matching will allow you to find just the right partners. Furthermore, if you are looking for financial tools, you can search for different types of support and expert assistance provided by the NESOI consortium. And if crowd funding is what you a re looking for, the NESOI Platform is the right place to be. The crowd equity infrastructure can increase and spread the potential for investment and foster open, collaborative business models.

Through several workshops, attendees will receive advice about how to develop an energy transition plan, how to engage citizens locally, what is expected by investors, which technologies suit best, etc.

Thanks to a specific training plan, composed of webinars and live events, as well as thanks to on-site technical assistance, NESOI will increase island local authority staff knowledge on both technical and procedural aspects, giving them the opportunity to accelerate the development of energy projects. Different instruments will be available for islands looking to undertake similar initiatives: the organization of dedicated on-site Workshops, the e-learning material available in the dedicated section of the Platform, the sharing of best practices via the Island Stories and the possibility to meet tech/services providers of energy transition solutions.

Register to the platform, upload your project and see how other registrants can help you implement it.

Start networking, learn and connect.

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Are you an institution? | NESOI


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