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Smart Islands Energy Systems (SMILE) will develop nine smart grid solutions in three large-scale pilot projects in different regions of Europe with similar topographic characteristics but different policies.The choice of having solutions tested on island locations provides a fundamental advantage to the project. Island communities can be more easily engaged in the real-life testing of solutions aimed at solving important challenges impacting life on the island. Therefore, they are the ideal candidates for demonstration activities requiring societal engagement and active residents’ commitment.


Maximising the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands (INSULAE) aims to foster the deployment of innovative solutions aiming to the EU islands decarbonization by developing and demonstrating at three Lighthouse Islands a set of interventions linked to seven replicable use cases, whose results will validate an Investment Planning Tool that will be then demonstrated at four Follower Islands for the development of four associated Action Plans.



Integrated Solutions for Decarbonisation and Smartification of Islands (IANOS) adapts Artificial Intelligence solutions and innovative tools to support greener investments based on the conviction that people are active players in the energy system.   The islands of Ameland (Netherlands) and Terceira (Portugal) will serve as “pilot islands” and three “Fellow Islands” will validate the replicability potential of the results of the pilot islands.

  Multidisciplinary Approaches and Software Tecnologies for Engagement, Recruitment and Participation in Innovative Energy Communities in Europe (MASTERPIECE) aims at creating a digital coordination and cooperation arena that will facilitate the creation and operation of energy communities throughout Europe. To demosntrate and evaluate the proposed innovations, it will leverage four pilot cases in different geographical areas and within different operational/ policy frameworks (France, Italy, Sweden and Turkey).


Renewable Energy Communities for a fair energy transition (Local RES) will develop a planning tool oriented to enable citizen participation in the REC planning decision-making processes, and a Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant (MEVPP) approach to optimize in real time different energy vectors and different energy and flexibility services provided by the REC according to their community preferences.



Market Uptake of Citizen Energy Communities Enabling a High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (LIGHTNESS) project aims to empower citizens to generate, share and sell renewable energy and thereby contribute to making the European energy sector more sustainable and democratic. The legacy of the project will consist of concrete achievements in five pilots across Europe and a set of learnings on the development framework for emerging Citizen Energy Communities.




Smart Geothermal Systems (GEOFIT) is developing a holistic and novel approach to geothermal retrofitting, which is cost-competitive, easy to install, and capable of providing efficient low-temperature heating & high-temperature cooling by using the most innovative tools and methods.




Renewable Energy for Self-Sustainable Island Communities (REACT) has as objective to allow island communities to engage in a cooperative energy management strategy by providing them with scalable ICT platform to administer their Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and storage enabled infrastructures.




Data hub for the Creation of Energy communities at Local Level and to Advance Research on them (DATA CELLAR) aims to create a federated energy dataspace that will support the creation, development and management of local energy communities in the EU.The data space population will be facilitated via an innovative rewarded private metering approach, with a focus on an easy onboarding and interaction, guaranteeing a smooth integration with other EU energy data spaces






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