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Are you an expert in energy transition systems and economics or do you have a background in law? Do you want to share your ideas or get in contact with other experts?

Join the network of experts collaborating on the NESOI project and be part of the innovation!

The project's ambitious goal is to offer flexible, tailored, and on-site technical help to European islands using the NESOI Platform in order to assist them in constructing workable energy transition plans and investments.

Due to the varied operating sectors of the partners engaged, NESOI can generally already rely on a wide range of specialized skills, making it possible to provide the Islands with a full-spectrum technical support. The fundamental tenet is that each project will be supported by a comprehensive and coordinated technical activity service that addresses the three main dimensions of normal support: technical activities, economic and financial, legal & procedural.

 Each expert's primary responsibility, in accordance with his or her area of expertise, is to:

  • provide local advisors with templates and documentation to define quality standards for technical assistance activities financed by the cascade mechanism;
  • to deliver tailored on-site technical assistance to Local Authorities through a dedicated team of expert specialists and advisors;
  • to identify financing options for the previously identified clusters and to support their progress;
  • to offer customized on-site technical assistance to Local Authorities.
  • to help in monitoring the development of the on-site activities and the achieved results.

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