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The European Islands Facility – NESOI, open to a community of 2400 inhabited EU islands, aims to fund 60 successful energy transition projects, mobilizing more than €100m of investment and reducing significantly CO2 and GHG emissions  by 2023. 

The NESOI Facility aims to facilitate the clean energy transition on EU islands from the bottom up; and bringing it one step forward by providing to islands training, technical support, cooperation opportunities and robust funding opportunities to concretely convert Island Sustainable Energy Action Plans into Renewable Energy Sources (RES) plants, building and energy infrastructure retrofitting, energy bills reduction, local job creation and more



Project News

In the coming months,the team in NESOI will offer a series of short webinars involving experts in the field. This activity will be complementary to the e-learning modules that are expected to be also made available in the last months of 2022. The most mature projects will support the elaboration of the learning material by providing valuable input from their experiences to help less developped projects. 

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New Energy Solutions Optimized for Islands 

~ The NESOI were also goddesses of Islands in Greek Mythology ~

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