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  • Industrial Energy Community powered by Renewable Energies in the Arinaga Industrial Area, Spain (ARINDEC GRAN CANARIA) strives for the creation of an industrial energy community in which the energy is locally generated, stored and consumed. BROCHURE


  • Global Renovation of Public Lighting in Corsica, France (GRENPLIGHTC) aims to provide support to smaller municipalities to renovate more than 20,000 lighting points by 2023. BROCHURE


  •  Wind Turbine Repowering in Kythnos, Greece (WIRE-Kaims to replace the existing wind turbines in the island with a more modern wind turbine and a “behind-the-meter” lithium-ion battery. BROCHURE




  • Smart, clean, and green marinas in Naxos and Koufonisi (SGCM NAKOUwas created to enhance the connection between Naxos (Kalando) and Ano Koufonissi since the weather and unique characteristics of the island of Naxos make it challenging.BROCHURE 


  •  Hydroelectric pumping storage (HPS) consists of a feasibility study for integrating a micro-hydro pumping plant on San Pietro Island, in the municipality of Carloforte, Sardinia. BROCHURE


  • Fair Energy Communities (FECOS) envisages to finalize and implement a working model for solidarity-based energy communities, able to mutualise energy between members according to social algorithms, connecting energy efficient buildings. BROCHURE


  • Just Clean Energy transition of Diapontia Islands (JEDI) envisages to fully serve the electricity demand of the Diapontia islands making them the first Greek islands powered 100% by renewables. BROCHURE.


  • Transport Electrification On Sea and Land in Antparos (TESLA) aims at initiating the electrification of the island's shipping sector with a view to opening pathways for Sustainable Mobility in both land and sea. BROCHURE


  • Decarbonization of Generation and Resilience of Security of Power Supply in an autonomous North-Aegean Archipelago (DGRES-AEGEANaims to contribute to raise the proportion of renewable energy in the island systems towards decarbonisation. BROCHURE


  • Development of Consistent Key strategy of the Strait Port System (DOCKS) consists on elaborating the Environmental Energy Planning Document of Port Systems (DEASP) for three ports in Sicily. BROCHURE


  • Renewable Malevizi Energy Future (RENEWMEwants to establish a local energy community by way of clean energy production through renewables, electrification of the transportation fleet, energy efficiency in public lighting systems, and energy efficiency in Malevizi. BROCHURE


  • Energy planning for clean energy transition for Ikaria (ENERSIKwants to develop a Clean Energy Transition Agenda (CETA) on the Ikaria Island. The CETA document is a high-level energy planning document mandated by the Clean Energy for EU Islands (CE4EUI) initiative. BROCHURE


  • Green Orkney Hydrogen Market Expansion (GO(H2)ME) wants to produce H2 and transport it onshore or to other islands. The project aims to identify safe and viable transport logistic solutions with the aim of replacing diesel-fueled generators with zero carbon and zero pollution alternative. BROCHURE