Welcome to... Messina!

The Second NESOI Short Study Tour (SST2) will take place in the beautiful Italian island of Sicily between the 27 -31 March 2023. The Port Authority of the Strait of Messina will be the host this time, so the general topic of this experience is not difficult to guess: Decarbonisation of ports and boats!

We are eager to welcome 11 participants coming from six countries and with very diverse backgrounds which we believe will foster very interesting discussions. About the specific objectives of the programme, these are: undestanding the situation in the strait of Messina and the needs of the port related to the energy transition; deepen into the energy planning methodology; learn more about the applications of hydrogen and biofuel on the energy strategies and marine renewable technologies; explore different solutions for port and boats decarbonisation and present how can the NESOI Facilitating web-platform support to clean energy projects.

In the meanwhile, would you like to know how the first study tour in Astypalea went?

Stay tuned for more!




Welcome to... Messina! | NESOI


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