"Clean Energy Transition of Islands" workshop at Sustainable Places 2021

Sustainable Places Research Institute took place between 28 September and 1 October 2021 in Rome (Italy), and NESOI participated in the workshop "Clean Energy Transition of Islands" as part of the Sustainable Places confenrece.

This workshop will present the point of view of the principal H2020 funded projects in the framework of clean energy transition on islands, thus consolidating their collaborative approaches and presenting new perspectives.  This collaboration among all the projects aims at a cross fertilization to scale up the impact of the initiative, creating synergies and involving the different communities to take advantage of lessons learnt and already tackled issues. Hence, this workshop will involve projects for an overall of 180 partners from all over Europe and 95 million of Euros of funding.  The scope of the workshop is to present the results and the future approaches among the different areas faced during the previous webinars, increasing the awareness, and focusing on strategies and practical solutions for decarbonization and energy efficiency on islands.  In parallel, information on NESOI funding opportunities and advancements will be introduced: given the innovative focus of the second call for projects, interested parties will be encouraged to acknowledge the latest advancements in term of island energy transition in Europe.

Andrea Martinez intervened on the 29th of September in the Hybrid Plenary session and he gave a focus point on EU island Facility NESOI. 
Alessandra Montanelli took part on the 30th during the Islands Workshop and spoke about: Financing energy transition, NESOI experience and strive for innovation

More info at: https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/ 

"Clean Energy Transition of Islands" workshop at Sustainable Places 2021 | NESOI


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