Green Salina Energy Days 2021

Andrea Martinez - Green Salina Energy Days 2021

Green Salina Energy Days took place from the 9th to the 12th of September 2021 and was promoted by the mayors of the three municipalities of Salina, with the patronage of the Region Siciliana, and the contribution of the Energy Department of the Region itself, ENEA and ENEL.

Our colleague from Sinloc, Andrea Martinez, and coordinator of NESOI, had the chance to participate intervene during the roundtable for the first day, dedicated to the some European Projects, particularly from the perspective of the funding and support that these can give to local authorities of the European islands.

Mr Martinez also coordinated a session where representatives from two projects financed by NESOI presented their experiences. The first one, Mario Paolo Mega, President of the Strait Port System Authority, presented the DOCKS project (Development Of Consistent Key strategy of the Strait port system) that the Authority has prepared, also with the support of ENEA in Palermo, aimed at drafting of the Environmental Energy Planning Document (DEASP) of the ports of the Strait and of Milazzo. The second one, Giacomo Pinaffo, introduced FECOS Project (Fair Energy COmmunitieS) of the Messina Community Foundation, aims at the creation of an energy community at Fondo Saccà in Messina, to be replicated in Mirabella, Imbaccari, Casalvecchio Siculo and Salina.