Meet the beneficiaries: FECOS (Italy)

Fair Energy Communities (FECOS) is a project supported by NESOI European Islands Facility, managed by our partners from SINLOC, and promoted by Associazione di Comunità Energetica di Fondo SaccàFondazione di Comunità di Messina, and Fondazione Horcynus Orca.

The project envisages to finalize and implement a working model for solidarity-based energy communities, able to mutualise energy between members according to social algorithms, connecting energy efficient buildings. More in specific, the project aims to finalize the energy community model implemented by the newly formed Energy Community (EC) of Fondo Saccà located in the Municipality of Messina (Sicily), and replicate it in 3 other Sicilian territories: the Municipalities of Mirabella Imbaccari, Casalvecchio Siculo and on the small island of Salina (Aeolian archipelago).

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Meet the beneficiaries: FECOS (Italy) | NESOI


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