New project briefs are out!

NESOI team is proud to present a new round of project briefs from the first call for proposals!

Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands are the countries showcased in this group, where interesting projects related to energy transition are being developed.

BATEEIRO is a project in Illa de Arousa (Spain) that aims to decarbonise the fishing sector, which is the main economic activity of the island by fostering the electrification of the fishing boats.

The project B-IOS promotes local circular economy by the valorization of agrofood waste for biogas production in Ios island (Greece), at the same time producing clean energy and relieving waste management on the island.
The project CIET for "Capri Island Energy Transition" (Italy) consists in a feasibility study for different interventions foreseen in the municipality’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan: grid-connected PV systems, energy efficiency interventions on public buildings and on public lighting systems, and electrification of service boat.
The POWERDAM NL project is about the realisation of a tidal power plant at the island of Schouwen-Duiveland (Netherlands) in the Flakkeese discharge sluice, contributing to a 100% sustainable, predictable and affordable energy system.
The project GHEKO for Green Hydrogen Ecosystem on Kos island (Greece) concerns the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem, where the hydrogen is produced by electricity from wind farms, that otherwisewould be curtailed.
The NEPTUNUS project consists in conducting an in-depth analysis of the wave energy potential on the coasts of Halki, in Greece, and to identify a suitable location for a wave energy power station while ensuring the protection of the environment and the local ecosystem.
The project wind@coast2bornholm consists in establishing Bornholms Havvind as a citizen-owned 100-MW coastal wind farm on the Danish island of Bornholm. 

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New project briefs are out! | NESOI


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