Welcome to... Astypalea!

Today, 6 March 2023, we will start the Short Study Tour, one of the several interesting initiatives promoted by NESOI – The European Islands Facility. The Tour will take place on Astypalea, an island in the archipelago of Dodecanese located in the Aegean Sea. The Tour is hosted by DAFNI – The Network of Sustainable Greek Islands and the Municipality of Astypalea, and it will be managed by our partner R2M.

Participants from five different European countries will participate in 5 days of visits and very interesting full-in-immersion sessions on current topics focused on energy communities and sustainable mobilization projects thanks to the intervention of exceptional speakers. The idea is to give the opportunity to all participants, technicians, beneficiaries of projects and professionals, to be able to exchange their knowledge, direct experience, capacity building, and networking for investible energy transition projects on islands.

 Among the main topics that will be discussed are:

  • Astypalea's situation, energy landscape
  • Financial and Technical support from the EU
  • Greek islands energy transition path
  • Experience sharing – Evaluate projects.
  • Sustainable mobility and transport electrification
  • Greek island lighthouse projects
  • Tools and methodologies to support islands energy transition
  • Energy Communities session

More specifically, the idea behind the Short Study Tour, is to stimulate the exchange of actors directly involved in energy transaction projects on the islands, encouraging not only the exchange of best practices between different islands, but also ensuring a fruitful exchange of knowledge and direct contact between the numerous projects funded and supported by NESOI and the community. Moreover, since one of the points at the heart of NESOI is to try to ensure a high rate of replicability of the projects themselves in other islands, we want to take advantage of this occasion to give space to support the replication potential of the NESOI methodology.

 The program of these five days is based on a continuous synergy work between the different participants, local beneficiaries, and stakeholders, in order to ensure a continuous work of mutual exchange of information and best practices, alternating visits to places of interest for the project. All this is to ensure the achievement of the positive impacts expected by the Study Tour namely well-shaped investible energy projects, improve project development capacity, and, finally, boost the activity of networking among the beneficiaries of the NESOI projects.

The European Islands Facility NESOI aims to unlock the potential of EU islands to become the locomotives of European Energy Transition. To do so, NESOI aims to mobilize more than €100 Million of investment in sustainable energy projects to give EU islands the opportunity to implement energy technologies and innovative approaches, in a cost-competitive way. NESOI has selected 56 such projects across the European Union and provide them with financial resources and technical support.

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Welcome to... Astypalea! | NESOI


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