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We are happy to share a brief summary of the projects supported by the EU Islands Facility NESOI. Feel free to contact the NESOI project managers for further information!





    • CLER Illa de Arousais a project in Illa de Arousa (Spain) is an energy community that encourages the participation of citizens to promote the installation of renewable energy on the island, that is created through "demand response" systems.


    • BATEEIRO" is a project in Illa de Arousa (Spain) that aims to decarbonise the fishing sector, which is the main economic activity of the island by fostering the electrification of the fishing boats.


    • "NEPTUNUS" The municipality of this Greek island has set the priority to switch the energy system to renewable. For this, a suitable location for a wave energy power station will be identified ensuring the protection of the environment.


    • "CETFA"wants to contribute to the Clean Energy Transition Agenda in the archipielago of Fournoi in Greece by supporting the assessment of different renewable energy sources to be connected to the grid.


    • "ENERRAS" will elaborate the Clean Energy Transition Agenda (CETA), a high-level energy planning documments for the Clean Energy for EU Islands and a Sustainable Urban and Island Mobility Plan (SUIMP) for the Greek municipality of Astypalea.


    • "BIOG LEMNOS" promotes the use of circular economy by using biowaste for biogas production in the Greek island of Lemnos.


    • "Wind@coast2bornholm" supports the preparation and establishment of a 100MV coastal windfarm in the island of Bornholm, Denmark.


    • "CREATOR" studies the possibility of installing floating solar PV on the surface of the only freshwater lake in Cres island (Croatia) to avoid its evaporation while creating energy.


    • "B-IOS" promotes circularity through the use of biowaste for biogas production in the island of Ios in Greece.


    • "RACETRACE" aims to create the energy transition agenda for the island of Samoth (Greece) by the coordination of stakeholders and the identification of renewable energy solutions.


    • "RENEWDAMMUSI" investigates the options for energy efficiency of architectural heritage buildings (Dammusi) in Pantelleria, Italy


    • "GHEKO" includes the first refuelling hydrogen station in Greece, with the first hydrogen powered vehicles. It will be developped in the island of Kos.


    • "POWERDAM NL" will buid a tidal power plant in the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in The Netherlands.


    • "CIET" aims to perform a feasibility study of energy efficiency for the municipality of Capri's (Italy) Sustainable Energy Action Plan


    • "Sustainable Estonian Islands" will help the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa in developing a realistic roadmap towards a sustainable island community. 


    • "NERIDA" will allow sustaining drinking water services and electromobility by integrating grid-tied and autonomous PV power on the Tilos island in Greece.




    • "ARINDEC-GRANCANARIA" will create a favourable environment for the implementation of an industrial energy community in the Arinaga Industrial Park, located in the Gran Canaria island, Spain.


    • "SOLAR Islands", in Croatia, is a joint action of the local communities of the islands of Korčula, Cres and Lošinj to start the installation of a communal solar power plant on each of the archipelagos through a crowd-investment model.



    • "The WiRe-K project" consists in the replacement of the existing wind turbine with modern, state-of-the-art wind turbine and a ‘behind-the-meter’ lithium-ion battery on Kythnos, Greece.



    • "DGReS-Aegean" combines the deployment of battery energy storage systems, the installation of PV plants and the partial replacement of fossil diesel with renewable diesel in the Greek islands of Chios, Oinousses and Pasara.



    • With the project "GO(H2)ME" (Green Orkney Hydrogen Market Expansion), a safe and viable transport logistic solution for the transportation of green hydrogen gas produced on the Orkney archipelago (United Kingdom) to the mainland with the aim of replacing diesel-fuelled generators with a zero-carbon and zero pollution alternative.


    • "e-LAFITI" consists in a feasibility study for electric solar boat transportation from Dubrovnik to Elafiti islands, in Croatia.


    • "RenewME" (Renewable Malevizi Energy Future) consists in several technical and feasibility studies contributing to the clean energy transition of the municipality of Malevizi in Crete, Greece.


    • The "ENERSIK project" corresponds to the development of a Clean Energy Transition Agenda (CETA) for the island of Ikara, Greece.


    • The "E(40)Scoproject"consists of a diversified intervention plan involving about half of the school buildings in the city of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), around which energy communities can be created.


    • The SoFIA project consists of the setup of the first citizens' energy community in the Canary Islands in Spain, in the city of Adeje.


    • "Island of Krk SECAP for all" consists of developing high-level planning activities, including the writing of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, for the Croatian island of Krk.


    • "CARING" (Clean energy initiatives targeted to small islands) is a collective initiative to enable 6 small islands to work in parallel but also together on innovative solutions for their local contexts: Île aux Moines (France), Inishbofin (Ireland), Nagu (Finland), Fur and Venø (Denmark), and Ulva (United Kingdom).


    • "Fair Energy Communities" aims to finalize the energy community model implemented by the newly formed Energy Community of Fondo Saccà located in the Municipality of Messina (Sicily, Italy), and replicate it in 3 other Sicilian territories: the Municipalities of Mirabella Imbaccari, Casalvecchio Siculo and on the small island of Salina (Aeolian archipelago).


    • "FESOL" is a feasibility study for the replacement of the existing PV plant present in Lipari (Italy), which is in a deteriorating state, by a new solar PV plant including storage, management and control modulation system.


    • "TESLA" (Transport electrification on sea and land in Antiparos, Greece) concerns the propulsion system hybridization of 1 of the 4 ferries operating the Paros-Antiparos ferry connection, as well as EV charging stations installation, partial electrification of Antiparos municipal fleet and installation of PV panels, paving the way towards carbon-neutral mobility both on land and at sea.


    • "FossilFreeSamsø" will enable the Danish island Samsø to become totally independant of fossil fuels, including for the ferries connecting Samsø to the mainland.


    • "JEDI" (Just clean energy transition of Diapontia Islands) envisages to fully serve the electricity demand of Othonoi and Ereikoussa, making them the first Greek islands powered by 100% renewables. It also includes the transformation of the port of Mathraki island into a smart marina, including the creation of an Energy Community.


    • ZEN "Zero emissions Nisyros" consists of the development of renewable energy systems (photovoltaics and small-scale wind) in order to make several villages of on the Nisyros island (Greece) energy-autonomous.


    • "Solar Island Tender" consists in the design of tendering criteria based on economically best offer, changing the current system where prices are the only criterion. It will be applied for a solar power plant on the island of Krk in Croatia, and will serve as a model for other projects.


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