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The Covenant of Mayors is a European initiative that was launched in 2008 by the European Commission with the aim of gathering local governments to implement actions that lead to the achievement of the EU climate and energy targets. At the present, this initiative brings together more than 9000 local and regional governements accross 57 countries, which allows a multi-level model of cooperation.

The Second call for proposals closed last 28 January 2022 with 49 submitted applications that involved 54 European islands in 14 countries. The participating consortia are very varied, there is a good representation of public and private members and mixed, which will make the evaluation process very enriching. Some of the specific domains of action are: Hydrogen, electric boats, geothermal energy and constribution to the energy transition agenda of the islands.

NESOI team is proud to present a new round of project briefs from the first call for proposals!

Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Italy and The Netherlands are the countries showcased in this group, where interesting projects related to energy transition are being developed.

BATEEIRO is a project in Illa de Arousa (Spain) that aims to decarbonise the fishing sector, which is the main economic activity of the island by fostering the electrification of the fishing boats.

Last 14th October, NESOI participated in the EU Regions Week with the online conference "Islands as leaders towards net zero: from clean energy vision to energy action". Ms Marina Montero, Technical Lead from the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat opened the session and explained that the marketplace has a very important role to fulfill in the energy transition: energy island projects are looking for finance on one side, whereas investor are looking for projects in another side. Community engagement is vital to close that gap.

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) organised this year the 6th Energy Transition Symposium: "Looking ahead of the COVID era", which gathered over 300 participants from different backgrounds (academia, public sector, business professionals or media), all with a common interest of joining the discussion about energy-related issues, as well as witnessing the analysis of opportunities and barries in the sector from top-tier leaders in the energy field.


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